Paul Allen
Timeline: Space Race Didn't End

Portrait of Paul Allen

January 3, 1993 – January 3, 1999

Predecessor John McCain
Successor Robert Zubrin

Assemblyman District 2 Alpha Base
January 3,1987-January 3,1993

Born January 21, 1953
Political Party Democrat
Profession Co-founder MicroRocket

Paul was the second Secretary-General of the United Communities on the Moon. He was also the co-founder of MicroRockets along with Bill Gates. He served as the first assemblyman of Alpha City for two terms. More recently he has travel to Mars to set up the MicroRocket launch system. He resides in his home on the Moon.

Early Years


Allen with Bill Gates

Allen was born in Seatle, Washington on January 21, 1953.


Paul Allen and Bill Gates worked together to build a working model of the electomagnetic catapult system in 1975. Gerard O'Neill did early development of the technology which only existed on paper several years ago. He built the first working device in 1970, after NASA announced that they saw the technology was worth studing. O'Neill left work on the Electromagnetic catapult to work on space station design. Freeman Dyson also contributed briefly, but he to moved on.

This left Allen and Gates as the leaders in this field.

Moon Settler


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