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Through a masterful use of armor and American reserves, plus a good realization of Manstein's strategy, Patton manages to defeat the famous General. The American position in Europe has been secured, but the AEF has taken numerous casualties. They will need reinforcements or the Germans will bleed them dry.

The Germans are unaware of the American manpower problem. For them, the defeat is a disastrous failure. They do not have many more forces to spare, and the Americans are seemingly poised to rip into the heart of Germany, while the Soviets move in from the east. Something must be done. Manstein is removed as Supreme Commander of German Forces in Europe, and the other German tank mastermind, Heinz Guderian, is appointed in his place. However, he is in an unenviable position of leading what is left of the German armed forces.

In America, news of the great American success reaches into the halls of Congress, where the huge popularity boost for President Kennedy has forced Congress to stop the impeachment trials. They realize that they cannot impeach the President who will possibly win the war against Nazi Germany almost singlehandedly, something that the Allies could not do back in the 1940's. Begrudgingly, they give him the funding for the war that he desires. With it, the Americans receive reinforcements and the supplies they need.

Guderian is in a tough spot. Germany is becoming ringed by enemies, and while the arms of the Reich are still holding, something will have to give soon. Therefore drastic action must be taken before the Reich is lost. There is no chance of making peace. The Manstein offensive has guaranteed that. What shall he do?

Deploy all remaining nuclear weapons on the American and Soviet forces

Take over the Reich, maybe a change of government wil get us peace.

Continue with current operations, maybe time will change things in our favor.

Created by: Azecreth 20:01, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

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