Patti Emory
Timeline: Sino-Roman

Prime Minister of Pacific Ocean
May 6, 1950 - October 2, 1988

Predecessor Bettie Emmett
Successor Shanika Norman
Born May 23, 1926
Mayfair, England and Wales
Political Party Independent

Patti Dortha Emory (born May 23, 1926, Mayfair) was Prime Minister of Pacific Ocean from 1950 to 1988 and a well-known athlete. She became Prime Minister when her mother, Bettie Emmet, the previous Prime Minister, resigned.

Her government won re-election in 1954 and 1959. The 1959 election win was a controversial one as the elections were deemed "neither free nor fair." An independent report concluded that "If the elections had been free and fair, the opposition USP conceivably could have won a majority of seats in parliament."

In the March 1988 election, she was defeated by Shanika Norman. Emory lost eight seats, and she herself was defeated by Shanika Norman, who became Prime Minister in the new government.

She tried again in the March 2009 election; although she lost the election, she gained 3 seats from Shanika Norman.

"There was a specific philosophical basis on which we levied taxes. We wanted high disposable income for the people and efficient government providing excellent services with minimum taxes. So we carefully created this low tax jurisdiction to keep more money in the hands of people. As a result, there was rapid upward mobility from being an agriculture based people to being a new middle class."

Patti Emory is an Honorary Member of The International Triston Ovenden Foundation.

She is related to Chuck St. Emory, Prime minister of North America. He is her Grand Nephew.

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