Pat McCrory (Originally Pat Cronson)

Governor McCrory Headshot
Portrait of Pat McCrory (Originally Pat Cronson)

Elected Chief-Mayor of Charlotte (Later as President of Carolina)
December 5, 1995 – September 19, 2002 (As Chief-Mayor);
September 21, 2002 (As President)

Born: November 12, 1957
Political Party: Independent Reactionary
Religion: Western Orthodox (Carolinan Orthodox Church); Asatru (raised)
Profession: Main Warrior, Poet, Taxpayer
He was final Chief-Mayor of Charlotte Tribe until he formed the Nation of Carolina and converted to Western Orthodoxy by Greek Orthodox Missionary become First Western Patriarchate of Carolina and later Southern North America.


Early Years

Teen Years 


Early Adult Years

Political career

The City's Inter Circle (1989-1995)

Rise to Top on Chief Election (1995-2002)

His Conversion to Orthodoxy (2000-2002)

Formation of Carolian Nation (2002)

Retirement (2002-)

Personal views

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