Pat Choate
Timeline: Perot's Victory

Portrait of Pat Choate

46th Vice President of the United States
1995 – 2001

Predecessor James Stockdale
Successor John Ashcroft

Secretary of the Treasury
1993 – 1995

Predecessor Nicholas Brady
Successor Ron Paul
Born April 27, 1941
Maypearl, Texas
Wife Kay Casey
Political Party Independent (prior to 2000)


Profession Economist
Patrick Choate was the 46th Vice President of the United States, serving under Ross Perot. He replaced James Stockdale, who refused to run for a second term as Vice President. Prior to being Vice President, Choate served under Perot as Secretary of the Treasury during Perot's first term. Choate surprised many when he declined to run for President in 2000, a decision that left many Reform Party members disappointed. Choate went back to being an economist after he left the Vice Presidency.

He was the first Vice-President with facial hair since Charles Curtis (1929-1933)