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Islamic Republic of Pashtunistan
د پښتونستان اسلامي جمهوریت
Timeline: New Union

OTL equivalent: Southern Afghanistan
Af pakht3
Flag of Pashtunistan
Afghanistan-Pashtunistan (New Union)
Claimed area of Pashtunistan.
Capital Jalalabad
Largest city Kandahar
  others Balochi, Persian, Urdu
Religion Islam
Demonym Pashtun, Pashtunistani
Government Unitary presidential republic
  legislature Jirga
Independence from Afghanistan
  declared August 28, 1999
Currency Rupee (PKR)
Time Zone (UTC+4:30)

The Islamic Republic of Pashtunistan
(Pashto:د پښتونستان اسلامي جمهوریت, Da Pax̌tūnstān Islāmī Jomhoriyat), commonly known as Pashtunistan (پښتونستان, Pax̌tūnstān), is a self-declared state which occupies the southernmost provinces of Afghanistan. Pashtunistan is only recognized by neighboring Pakistan (as well as a few other nations); it is generally recognized as a rogue government which is occupying southern Afghanistan. Established in 1999, Pashtunistan is considered the successor state to the Pakistani-backed Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (which formed around 1995 from the government in exile). Since 2000, a UN-backed ceasefire has kept conflict between the two to a minimum.

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