The Party of Rights (Croatian: Stranka prava), known popularly simply as Prava, is a right-wing, populist conservative party in Croatia that remains the oldest extant political party in Croatia today, founded in the 1860s. Prava was one of four major political parties in Croatia upon independence - the agrarian populist Croatian Peasant's Party (HSS), the Communist Party (KP) and the center-left nationalist People's Party (Narodna) - and served as part of the government, along with Narodna, from 1957-1960 and from 1964-1966. The Party of Rights attempted to seize control of government in 1968 in what is known as the September Crisis, but was unable to secure control of the floor with the newly-formed HDZ (Croatian Democratic Union), founded by center-right discontents from Narodna. Prava eventually lost much of its mainstream support to the HDZ and LDS as it sat in a four-party coalition with them in the early 1980s and has since emerged as an ultraconservative party, strong particularly amongst the unemployed since the late 1990s, when it has seen a resurgence after nearly going bankrupt in the late 1980s when Stepe Mesic kicked them out of his Cabinet in 1987. Prava currently is an opposition party with four members of Parliament.

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