The National Party Of Scots was created in 1927 by Lewis Iver and The Knights of Scotland after the Creation of the Grand Republic of Scotland also known as the 'Party' it held power from 1927 to 1999. Most of its goals included Complete Control of Industry, agriculture and Transport by the State. The Head of the Party was Great Leader Lewis Iver (1890-1954) until his death in 1954 when it was passed to his Brother Daniel Iver (1895-1969) until his death in 1969. After Daniel's death The Leader of the Knights, Aaron Seaver (1909-1985) took power and cracked down on non Party Scots. In 1985 he died after turning Scotland into a Corporate Police State which he Called The State of Alba. The next leader was Michael Gorten a Social Reformer. In 1987 he began building the Glasgow and Edinburgh Underground Railroads. They opened in 1990 with huge success as they took large amounts of walking Traffic away from the Streets of the busy Cities. In 1993 he built Five buildings in Glasgow that went over Thirty Stories. In 1997 he created the National Scots Academy for the Arts and became a beloved figure in the eyes of the People. In 1999 he organized Free elections and dismantled the Grand Republic of Scotland and Created the Scottish Federal Republic. The Party Of National Scots remained a Powerful force in the elections of 1999 under Gorten. Gorten was elected President of Scotland in 1999 with the National Party Of Scots but was killed during his inauguration by the Knights of Scotland Referendum Forces (a splinter group of the nights of Scotland). Party Leadership passed to Robert Yule he remained President until 2003 when George Wickham of the Communist Party of Scotland won the Election.The 2007 elections will be held in April. The National Party Of Scots remains the Conservative Party, the Communist Party of Scotland the Liberal Party and the Socialist Democrats of Scotland the moderate.

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