The Party for Peace was a political party in the Confederate States of America, founded after the Fourth World War in response to the hostile additudes of the Independence Party. In the 2010 Confederate Presidential elections, the Party for Peace won against Independence Party candidate Newt Gingrich, and its candidate, Jim Folsom Jr., assumed the presidency.

Second national flag of the Confederate States of America

The Stainless Banner, used by Party for Peace members as a symbol for a "new beginning" for the Confederacy.

Under Folsom, the party espoused a seemingly pacifistic foreign policy, but in many ways followed the beliefs of 1960's era far-right thinker Francis Parker Yockey. The Party for Peace supported a "Red-Brown Alliance" between the west and the Soviet Union, which would then dominate the world and be replaced by a single-party conservative state. The Soviet Union under Gennady Zyuganov tolerated such beliefs, as long as they did not challenge Soviet superiority in the region.

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