The Partition of Italy was the result of the defeat of the Italian Alliance in the French Civil War during the 1942-44 Italian Campaigns, spelt out in two separate treaties forced upon the Italian people by the French government, one at Antwerp in May 1944 and the other at Rome in September of the same year.

The Partition resulted in the complete rearrangement and redraw of the political map of Italy in the ceding of Calabria to Sicily, the combination of the rest of Naples by the recently-established French puppet government in the Holy See, the French military occupation of Sardinia (which would last until 1964), and the French annexation of Lombardy and Venice and the re-establishment of the independence of San Marino. As a result, the French Empire would control the northern half of the peninsula while the Papal States, where Sebastien's client pontiff Innocent XVII reigned with absolute authority over the southern half along with Communist Sicily.

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