This is a list of countries that participated in World War III in Night of the Living Alternate History.



  • Flag of Russia (neon)Russia
  • Flag of Finland (1918-1920)Finland
  • Flag of SwedenNationalist Sweden
  • ScandinavianEmpireScandinavian Nationalists
  • Flag of UkraineOccupied Ukraine
  • Flag of FranceFrance Split up 
  • Flag of South KoreaKorea
  • Flag of Wu NotLAHWu(switched sides)
  • Co-Belligerents.
  •  RoFFlag Rezurrectionist Florida Destroyed 
  • Manchurian Rebels Annexed by Korea
  • Texan Rebels Destroyed
  • ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratioCommonwealth (joined from allies)


  • NotLAHfourth ReichGermany
    • CV Flag of Austria 1920-1941Austria
    • Flag of SloveniaSlovenia
    • 800px-Dienstflagge Elsaß-Lothringen KaiserreichAlsace-Lorraine
    • Flag of Bavaria (striped)Bavaria
    • Flag of SaxonySaxony-
    • Flagge Königreich WürttembergWürttemberg-
    • TeutonicOrderFlagTeutonic Order
    • Flag of GermanyGermany(Berlin)
    • Flag of HamburgHamburg
    • 600px-Flagge Preussen - Provinz Schleswig-HolsteinSchleswig Holstein
    • Flagge Großherzogtum Baden (1891-1918)Baden-
    • Flag of HesseHesse-
    • Flagge Großherzogtümer MecklenburgMecklenburg-Schwerin-
    • Flagge Großherzogtümer MecklenburgMecklenburg-Strelitz-
    • Civil flag of OldenburgOldenburg-
    • SaxeEisenachSaxe-Weimar-Eisenach-
    • Flag of Anhalt (The Kalmar Union).svgAnhalt-
    • Flagge Herzogtum BraunschweigBrunswick-
    • Flagge Herzogtum Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha (1826-1911)Saxe-Altenburg-
    • Flagge Herzogtum Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha (1911-1920)Saxe-Coburg and Gotha-
    • 600px-Saxe- MeiningenSaxe-Meiningen-
    • Provinz Pommern flagPomerania-
    • Flag of Lippe (1815-1880)Lippe-
    • Flagge Fürstentum Reuß jüngere LinieReuss, junior line-
    • Flagge Fürstentum Reuß ältere LinieReuss, senior line-
    • Schaumburg-LippeSchaumburg-Lippe-
    • Flagge Fürstentümer SchwarzburgSchwarzburg-Rudolstadt-
    • Flagge Fürstentümer SchwarzburgSchwarzburg-Sondershausen-
    • Flag of Germany (3-2 aspect ratio)Waldeck-Pyrmont-
    • Flag of BremenBremen-
    • Poland FlagLübeck
    • Flag of Frankfurt am MainFrankfurt-
    • Flag of LuxembourgLuxembourg-
    • Flag of LiechtensteinLiechtenstein-
  • Channel League flagChannel League:
    • Flag of the United StatesUnited States
    • Brighton
    • Flag of SealandSealand
    • Flag of the Isle of WightIsle of Wight
    • Flag of Brittany (Gwenn ha du)Brittany (United Kingdom)
      • Drapeau de Saint-Malo (20è siècle)St. Malo
      • Brest flagBrest
    • Flag of JerseyJersey
    • Flag of GuernseyGuernsey
    • Flag of Basse-NormandieCherbourg
    • Le HavreLe Havre
    • Flag of the NetherlandsNetherlands
      • Flag of AmsterdamAmsterdam
      • Flag of The HagueThe Hague
    • Afbeelding OostendeVlagOstend
    • Flag of PicardiePicardy 
    • Minor French City States:
      • Blason ville fr Eu (Seine-Maritime)Eu
      • Pas de Calais ArmsEtaples
      • Blason ville fr Luc-sur-Mer (Calvados)Lu-sur-Mer
      • Blason département fr Seine-MaritimeDieppe
  • ANZ Union Flag with the golden ratioCommonwealth (Switched sides)
  • Central Alliance (Including Germany)
    • Flag of the Republic of Italy (NotLAH)Italy
    • Flag of LombardyLombardy
    • Flag of Most Serene Republic of VeniceVenice
    • Flag of CroatiaCroatia
    • Flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerland
    • Flag of MaltaMalta
  • Flag of the NetherlandsNetherlands
  • Flag of the Empire of Vietnam (1945)Vietnam (Switched sides)
  • Flag of Texas Texas
  • Flag of the Chan Santa Cruz Country Chan Santa Cruz
  • Navajo flag Dinetah
  • AFR flag Appalachian Federal Republic
  • Reunited United KingdomUnited Kingdoms of Great Britain (United Heptarchy)
    • Flag of Wessex.svgWessex
    • County Flag of NorfolkEast Anglia
    • Flag of MerciaMercia
    • Northumbria heraldryNorthumbria
    • Flag of KentKent
    • Sussex
    • FlagOfEssexEssex
    • Flag of WalesWales- (Member of United Kingdom) 
    • Flag of ScotlandScotland- (Member of United Kingdom) 
    • Flag of londonCity of London- (Member of United Kingdom) 
  • Flag of the Isle of ManIsle of Man
  • Government Ensign of GibraltarGibraltar
  • Flag of CyprusCyprus (US Vassal)
  • BalticsConfederation of the Baltics
    • Zeeland
    • Funen
    • Bornholm
    • Gotland
    • Oland
    • Aland
  • Flag of UkraineUkraine Annexed by Russia
  • Flag of BelarusBelarus
  • Inkerin lippuIngria
  • Flag West BohemiaBohemia, Kingdom of
    • Bohemia
    • Silesia, Grand Duchy of (Bohemian vassal)
  • Netherlands (in Union with South Africa)
  • 25pxPoland
  • Balkan Alliance (Made peace with Russia)
    • Flag of Greece Greece
    • Flag of the Republic of Macedonia 1992-1995Macedonia
    • Thrace 83DDThrace
    • Flag of BulgariaBulgaria
    • Flag of AlbaniaAlbania
    • Flag of SerbiaSerbia
    • Flag of Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosnia
    • Flag of HungaryHungary



Flag of Russia (neon)Russia

  • Vladimir Putin
  • Yegor Gaidar


NotLAHfourth ReichGermany

  • Karl von Habsburg
  • Roman Herzog
  • Deidrich Dopfer
  • Franz Aehrenthal

Flag of the United StatesUnited States

  • Bill Clinton
  • Norman Schwarzkopf Jr.

Flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerland

  • Hans Hubner
  • Hans Gallman

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