Arsacid Empire
247 BC-?

Parthian Vexilloid.png<p> Sun of Mithras

Capital Ctesiphon (originally summer, later main), Susa (originally winter), Ecbatana, Hecatompylos, Nisa, Asaak (all early)
Languages Greek (Official, Lingua Franca in West), Parthian (Court Language), Aramaic (Main Lingua Franca), Persian, Bactrian (Lingua Franca of the Upper Satrapies), Akkadian
Religion Zoroastrianism Babylonian Polytheism
Government Feudal Monarchy
xšāyaϑiya or xšāyaϑiya xšāyaϑiyānām
king or king of kings
 -  559–529 BC Arsaces I
 - N/A N/A
 -  Established 247 BC
 -  Disestablished N/A
Currency Drachma
Preceded by
Vergina Sun - Golden Larnax.png Selucid Empire
Pt seal.png Ptolemaic Kingdom
22px Hellenic League
22px Pahlavas
22px Yuezhi

This Cupiditate Regni Adductus article only covers events to 40 BC.

The Parthian Empire, more properly the Arsacid Empire was an ancient empire, one of the greatest powers of ancient history. It originally began as a tribe of the Dahae

under Arsaces I, (c. 260-211 who conquered Parthia from the Seleucids. The empire remained small until Mithridates the I (195-138 BC) managed to conquer the majority of the Seleucid domains. The empire experienced ups and downs over the next century, but ceased expanding, and even lost some territory. However, things changed enormously with the ascension of Mithridates the Great
(82-43) to the throne. He, mainly through wise personnel choices, (though some maintain that he simply kept the command team of his predecessor, Orodes II

), greatly expanded the empire, overrunning the Roman east, as well as the Ptolemaic Kingdom , much of Arabia, and the Pahlavas , before his sudden death in 43 BC. His son, Orodes the Great

also launched several wars, notably against the Yuezhi

, but spent more time placing essential reforms, in Achaemenid style. In 40 BC, the empire stretched from Illyricum to China, and from the Bosporus (OTL Crimea) to Himyar


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