Timeline, 1791-1801

June 1791: With President Washington dead, new President John Adams calls to help from overseas, though the French Revolution is in full spring so other European nations are to occupied to help America

July to October 1791: North Carolina continues to fall, the first major naval engagement between American and Native forces take place, the natives are victorious.

November 1791: The city of Raleigh in North Carolina is attacked and segued by the Natives

February 1792: Raleigh falls, all of North Carolina is taken, raids on South Carolina start

April 1792: The Natives break through the lines in Maryland, now the outskirts of Philadelphia can be be shelled which stops any American troops from defending the area, Native military officially invades South Carolina

June 1792: King Rhokantë and Queen Skalliã-Täta have a boy, they name him Rhokantë-Mònaska, South Carolina is in full open war

July to December 1792:

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