In 1783 as the American Revolution came to a close the Native American Indians knew they were in trouble, for helping the British and there allies during the war of independence would surely mean total destruction of the Natives by the new United States of America. However in 1783 a Native by the name Rhokantë led a coup to over throw the Iroquois clan system, he was successful and so declared himself King of the Iroquois. Rhokantë planned to wage war against the United States which he did the following year in 1784...

Timeline, 1784-1791

February 1784: King Rhokantë attacks Maine in the Northern United States, hundreds are killed in his attacks and severe damage is done to settlements across the state.

March to August 1784: Several other northern states are attacked including New York and Massachusetts, the US army is called in, the Natives attack them violently and ends in Massacre.

August to December 1784: Raids continue across the Northern states, Rhokantë orders weapons to be stolen so he can examine them, he wants to get his military up to the same standards as the Europeans.

January to July 1785: The first raids on cites happen, New York and Boston are sacked

July to November 1785: Major riots take please in the Northern states, the natives use them to there advantage, more Money and lives is stolen everyday.

December 1785: The Crown Jewels of the Kingdom of the Iroquois is completed, Rhokantë is officially crowned King.

February 1786: Official Native Military occupies Maine and attacks New York, congress has emergency meeting, they agree that the President of the United states will be elected that November.

March to October 1786: New York is invaded by the Natives US military put a good fight but by October the Natives are just miles away from New York City.

November 1786: George Washington is elected in as the first president of the United States of America, he is integrated in Philadelphia which become the new capital of the USA.

March 1787: New York City falls to the Natives, they march on Massachusetts

August 1787: The Battle of Boston begins, the American Military defend with there lives

September 1787: Boston falls, all other Northern states fall

January 1788: A new presidential mansion is is put into construction I Philadelphia, the Natives start to use artillery, they raid costs in Mid America.

February to December 1788: Major attacks on Mid American states, now more devastating with artillery, first battleships start to built by King Rhokantë.

January 1789: The presidential mansion is finished and president Washington moves into it with his family, King Rhokantë looks into marrying and thinks Skalliã-täta of Chesopke will be his perfect queen

February to October 1789: Invasions begin in Mid American states, by October Richmond is reached by Native military, it is bombarded with cannon fire.

December 1789: The Natives are pushed out of Virginia but are successful in taking the state of West Virginia

January 1790: Virginia is fortified by the Military on orders of President Washington, King Rhokantë proposes to Skalliã-täta who accepts, they are to be married in July

February to October 1790: North Carolina is attacked, long battles take place all over the state.

November 1790: President Washington is elected in for a second term while the situation in North Carolina worsens

December 1790: Skalliã-täta is crowned Queen of the Iroquois, North Carolina is split in two

January to April 1791: The city of Greensboro is taken in North Carolina, the majority of the state is under Native control

May 1791: President George Washington is assassinated by a Native spy, Vice-President John Adams is made the second president of the United States of America...

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