part 4


Note: Moctezuma's family Fled and Had Descendents with same names OTL. Also, let's say all of the Aztec OTL emperors From Moctezuma I were Ruling.

Cuauhtémoc Leads a Rebellion with 60,000 Apache POWS, 45,000 Aztec POWS and 15,000 Tainos to Lead a Rebellion Against the Cattalamaxis. With the Aztec Cannons and guns, Apache and Taino Spears. They defeated Xiolani's army (By luck, they had no chance) in a five-day Siege. To prevent another Rebellion, All of Xiolanis living family members were Killed. In History books in This ATL present day it Said the Cattalamaxis were usurpers.

History 1534-1537

Cuauhtémoc Died five days After a wound Infection.His Nephew Moctezuma III Suceeds. He gives Independence to The Apache Empire and Gives the Tainos a country. Moctezuma III also Meets with Huascar Re-creating The alliance between Aztecs and Incas,He also Creates a Alliance Between the Tainos and Apaches. The Comanche empire breaks off relations with The Aztecs. At 1536 the Spanish go to war with the Taino Confederation. The Quadruple American Alliance Sends troops to the Young Confederation, But the Tainos are quickly Defeated,ending their two-year country. The Spaniards send 19,493 People disguised as Aztecs to go to Cuba To "civilize" their People. The Aztecs Got it Until a Betrayer four months Later told Moctezuma III and all of them, with a exception of the Betrayer, got executed. The betrayer became a Adviser.In the mean Time the Incas had Bordered the Portuguese colony of Brazil,They needed Aztec help and Destroyed the Entire Territory.

Moctezuma III has Announced the The Aztecs had Given up colonizing other Lands, and would keep the ones they got, But that doesn't mean it would stop gaining Land, Only in their Continent. A rebellion against Aztec Priests break out, It lasts December 30th 1536-February 5th 1537, When Human Sacrifice ends and Less-corrupt Priests take Power. Moctezuma III Appoints a new Governor of Afrixa. While the Governor is on the Ship, the Ship turns and Heads to England. The governor meets with Henry VIII and Establishes an Anti-Spanish Alliance. Henry VIII and Moctezuma invade Galicia with Their army. The Aztecs don't take any land.

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