Part 3

To East!

1524,June 6th

After the war with the Incas, Tolelani tells a very good admiral to go east. With 90,000 crew members, the explorer sets sail.

Africa and war

December 6th, 1524

The crew lands at The Azores and Canary islands, already owned by Spain and Portugal, The Aztecs go to war with both of them. Weary and exhausted, They Lose in just five days. The Admiral is demoted and another expedition is Made, this time with one Million crew members. They set sail to Africa and claim land.
Aztec colonial Empire

Land they claimed

War with Native African Kingdoms


While expanding, They meet African Kingdoms. Tolelani, hungry for land Declares war on Mali, Winning 90% of their land. They then See the kingdom of Wolof, Taking all of their Land. They see the Kingdom of Benin, like Wolof all of their land is Taken. They have a war with Songhai. An armistice is signed but Aztecs get 32% of their land. They then go to Huasa, Huasa ends up like Wolof and Benin. Bornu also Ends up Like Wolof.

Aztec empire,after the african wars

Aztec empire, 1532

Going south, they meet Kongo, and take over all of their land.

Civil war


Tolelani Dies, age 33.

Civil war Breaks out with his son (Xiolani) and his First cousin Once removed (Tiolani).

Xiolani Wins

More Land

Xiolani Focused on the North, Where two emerging empires, The Comanche empire And and the Apache empire, Both having countless wars 1516-1523, including one with a dispute between a person Born between a border.

The first war was with the Apache kingdom, Many Navajos joined the Aztec Army because they were treated like Dogs in the Apache empire, because of this the Aztecs defeated The Apache kingdom Ceasing it To exist.

The Comanche empire joined in, Too taking some Land and creating the Aztec-Comanche Alliance, The Aztec Empire focused On a other Kingdom, the Creek Kingdom in modern-day Georgia, The Destroyed the Creek culture, All of it.
Aztec and comanche

Aztec and Comanche empire Light blue:Aztec Red:Comanche

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