Part 3

The Cold War

After Berlin Was captured, Germany was put in a republican dictatorship. Meanwhile, Russia became Communist, placing Sergy Pavelovich Kurtinsky as Premier.

A revolution in Korea against Japanese rule, led By Kim-il-sung starts at Chongjin. While The Koreans advance south, the Americans help Japan (Pearl Harbor never happened) while the USSR supports North Side.

China, which is Nationalist, helps Japan. This causes The USSR to attack Alaska, Sakhalin and Manchuria.


The rebellion fails. This angers Kurtinsky. He allows his armies to invade the following countries:



Islamic Theocracy Of Chechen-Dagestan





In the meantime, the US is already advancing into Kamchatka. The USSR's Air force bombards the Americans.

Also, China is advancing into North Manchuria, while Japan takes all of Sakhalin.

All the Countries Mentioned Above Are Successfully Invaded.


Japan Takes all of Sakhalin, It Advances Into Vladivostok,With its Navy And Air force, America, Desperate To Get Its Troops Back In Kamchatka, Bombards Major Cities In European Russia, Making Many Guards In Kamchatka Commit Suicide.

Japan signs an armistice with Russia.


The US develops the atom bomb, Its testing is in a non-habitable place in Alaska. This place would take until 2019 to be habitable Again, it shows Russia what a big superpower it is. The USSR responds by announcing it's building a nuke.


End Of The "Hot war" And beginning of the Cold War. The USSR makes a nuke and tests it on Greenland without Denmark's permission. Denmark declares war on the USSR.

Denmark Is nuked after five months of fighting, The Danish king makes a speech.

Danish Speech

Russerne har angrebet os med deres Monster af et våben, skal vi kæmpe til sidste mand, For Premier Kurtinsky, dine forfædre var danske vikinger, Rurik Var dansk. Husk, det danske folk var altid respekterede mennesker, og vi vil ikke miste denne krig, med hjælp fra De Forenede Stater, Republikken Kina, og begrænset støtte fra japanske imperium og Polen, vil vi vinde! for Danmark For det danske folk FOR OS!.

English Speech:

The Russians have attacked us with their monster of a weapon. We shall fight until the Last Man. For Premier Kurtinsky, your ancestors were Danish Vikings. Rurik Was Danish.
Remember, The Danish people were always respected people and we will not lose this war. With the help of the United States of America, the Republic Of China and limited support from the Japanese Empire and Poland, We will win.
For Denmark,
for the Danish people,

Five days Later, The Danish king is killed in an "accident" and the DPRD (Democratic Peoples Republic Of Denmark) is founded.


Hitler Dies Of Thirst When Looking At the Atacama Desert. Denmark Invades Germany.

The USSR Nukes San Francisco.

The US Nukes Petrograd. The UK Fascist Dictatorship Is Destroyed By a coup And the British Republic Is Founded, The UK Intervenes In What Is about to be a Nuclear War.

The UK Gets Its Nuclear weapons, Colonization Never ends.


1949:The Royal Family of England Dies In Prison, France Germany and Denmark Get Nuclear Weapons.

1950:Denmark Goes In Anarchy.

1951:The Anarchist Republic Of Catalonia Is Founded,Every Criminal In Spain Goes To Catalonia.

1952:The US sells Aleutian Islands and Hawaii To Japan

1953:Korea Is Independent.

1954:Russia Is Divided Into South and North Russia.

1955:Turkey (now out of Anarchy) Declares War On South Russia.

1956:Turkey Wins The War,The Turkmen Republic Is Founded, So Is The Kazakh Kingdom

Flag of The BR

Flag of British Republic,Changed 1949 Back To the Original Flag Used today.

Flag of DPRD

Flag of The DPRD

The End And Notes

The USSR and The US sign a Peace Treaty,The war Is Over,Danish Republic Is founded.


The 2nd Sino-Japanese Doesn't Happen.

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