Part 2 of My Serise


The Great Depression Doesn't Happen. Well, at least for Germany.

After the Great Depression, The Ottoman Empires Falls In Anarchy, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Republic Of Chechen-Dagestan, Georgia Become Indpendent. Everyone In Europe Are Worried About war, They Create The European Community (EC), However, Germany Doesn't Join, As Hitler Gains Power.Austria-Hungary grants Countrys Independence To The ones It gave OTL 1919, But The Land Poland Gained From Austria-Hungary Is called Krakow Republic, Krakow Invades Germany And Russia And Succeds.Renamed Poland.Hitler, then makes the German Army better because it hasen't changed since 1918. It Unifies Germany with the following Regions or Countries

  1. Austria 1937
  2. Bohemia and Moravia 1938
  3. Danzig 1938

Slovakia 1939

In Spain there is no civil war because Franco fell of a cliff in 1924.


Germany invades the Netherlands except Poland. France, Poland, Spain and Belgium declare war On Germany. While the UK Invades Normandy and the coasts Of Belgium and the Netherlands. Amsterdam falls quickly. The queen Of the Netherlands Flees To Istanbul. Meanwhile In Italy, there's a three-Way civil war with the Fascists, Republicans and Communists.

List of countries that support the Fascist bloc

Germany, UK.

Countries that support the Communist bloc


Countries that support the Republic bloc

France, Spain and Belgium.

Germany invades Bavaria, to end the "Communist menace in Germanic lands".


Munich is captured, Bavaria falls. Germany proceeds to invade Wurrtemburg.

Belgium falls, France and Spain are being invaded.

Portugal joins Axis.

Fascist bloc wins in Italy, Corsica is invaded.

John woodheck dies, Oswald Mosley becomes Fascist dictator.

French colonies in Africa and Asia fall.

Wurrtemburg falls.

Poland Joins Allies.


Poland invades Berlin.

Berlin falls, Hitler is exiled to Chile.

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