Part 2



Hernan Cortes Sets sail to Avenge Christopher Columbus,The Cattalamaxi Dynasty,Already Having Cannons and Guns From The Europeans before they got killed
Aztec empire,Before Cortez Arrives ATL

Aztec Empire,On the eve Of Cortez's Failed Conquest Began

.The Army and Navy are already At Coast since Columbus and his crew Got killed Anticipating a avengence attack,With the New Emperor,Motezlani.When they See The ship,Cannon Fire explodes,Guns Fired.By 23 Minutes,82% Percent of the Ship Is destroyed.Cortes Surrenders,He is Taken Prisoner by Motezlani,Cortes dies 34 years Later.

Going South


A Aztec diplomat heres of a empire in the south,Motezlani heres about this and Goes south,Only to Meet the incas.

War and Peace,Aztecs and Incas

Motezlani And Huyana Capac meet At Cuzco,They Establish an Alliance,Huascar and Motezlani's Daughter Marries,Hence there is no civil war in the Inca empire.

But Motezlani Dies shortly After,His son,Tolelani Declares war on the incas for "stealing his sister". Aztecs,having Better Techonalgy defeats the Incas shortly afterwards and Gains north part of the Inca empire.
After war with inca

After the war

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