What if the Central Powers had won?

Before 1914

A Revolution breaks out in Germany. They capture Berlin, execute the Emperor And create the German Republic.  

The German Republic makes Germany stronger than in OTL. They give advice to all the other allies of Germany to do the same (One person in Italy takes it seriously and leads a revolt, but it fails). The Ottoman Empire (which is now under full government control under the Young Turks) and Bulgaria follows in Germany's footsteps. Now it's 1914. It would now take one man to change everything.
Flag of German Republic

Flag Of the German Republic, which Started In 1889

Assassination and War

June 28th 1914, Gavrilo Princep, a Bosnian terrorist, assassinates Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Sofia. Austria-Hungary sends a letter to the Serbian Government. Serbia didn't agree to all, so Austria declared war. Russia, allied to Serbia attacks Galicia, but Austria, following Germany's footsteps, obliterates the Russian Army. Germany attacks Russia, also but France attacks Germany.

Germany, hearing of how strong Britain is and its alliance with Belgium, thinks it's best to leave Belgium alone but it does attack The Netherlands. However, Germans attack Nancy (or Metz), winning the battle and taking over almost all Of the Netherlands. While Austria takes over all of Serbia, Russia faces a revolution led by an anti-monarchist named Dmitri Ivanovich Snalovic. He makes peace with Germany and Austria and creates the Russian Republic. France surrenders after Germany bombards a Blitzkrieg-like way of Paris.

The Netherlands surrenders afterward in mid-1915.


After This Alt WW1 Grey: Germany Purple: Austria Yellow: Netherlands Brown: Serbia Gold: Russia Light Blue: France


Nothing much happened. Here's a timeline of what happened after this war:

1920: Lenin returns from Switzerland and starts a civil war In Russia.

1921: Bavarian Socialist Republic is founded.

1922-1924: Third Balkan War - Turkey and Bulgaria vs everyone else in the Balkans.

1925: Fascist Party of Britain is founded much earlier By John Woodheck.

1927: A Fascist coup in Britain succeeds. The Royal Family stays in a prison in Cyprus.

1929: Kingdom Of Wuttermburg and Republic of Poland are founded.

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