Part 1: Aftershocks Timeline


This Timeline occurs from 0LD-1ALD (Longest Day-1 year after Longest Day).



July 10, 1995
  • The United States declares the evacutaions of cities hit by the EMP, and tries to get people out of the cities. Dallas, Chicago, and San Diego have major fires engulfing large amounts of the cities and thousands of firefighters are called to the cities. However, the fires are out of control with little hope of containment. All non-executive flights are cancelled, as most international airports have been hit by the EMP. A massive crime wave begins all over the country. President Clinton issues a speech urging the American populace to continue to be courageous.
  • Russia, already very weak from the split-up of the USSR 5 years ago, is one of the many countries to declare martial law upon the whole country. Russian President Boris Yeltsin gains complete authority as Commander-in-chief of the Russian armed forces. fires and crime rise up, as with the rest of the world, and the Russian police forces are stretched to the limit trying to contain the crime. A full mobilization of the entire country is announced.
  • The governments of nearly all the central Europe countries collapse, along with various African countries. Civil unrest causes many deaths, especially in Nigeria and Sudan, with ethnioc groups attacking each other on a whim.
  • Protests in the Middle East begin, as citizens unhappy with the current governments decide that this is the perfect time to strike. In Eygypt, over 100,000 people demand the immediate resignation of all government officials. In Israel, military forces are forced to open fire as palistinians flood over the border, greatly threatening security of the nation.

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