not to be confused with either the Persian Empire, a name for the nation of Persia in the west, or the modern Parsistan, a successor state to this nation.

Phārasī sāmrājya (Gujarati)
فارسی امپراطوری (Parsi)

Parsi Empire
Timeline: Saint Muhammad
Preceded by 674 Succeeded by
Gupta Empire ????
2000px-Flag of Persia 1502-1524 2000px-Faravahar-Gold
Flag Faravahar (National symbol)
SM Parsi Empire Map
Parsistan at its height
Capital Karachi
Largest city Karachi
Persian, Gujarati, Aramaic
  others Greek, other Indian
  others Hinduism, Judaism
Ethnic Groups
Gujarati, Persian
  others Other Indian
Demonym Antioquian
Government Monarchy
Area area km²
Population ~10,000,000? 
Currency Parsi ?

The Parsi Empire (Gujarati: Phārasī sāmrājya, Parsi: فارسی امپراطوری) was a nation located in the western parts of Hindustan after the Persian War of Succession of 667-673 when the Arsacid Persian dynasty was banished from Iran by Peroz II, Sassanid Emperor, and fled east to India, where the Gupta Empire was fast collapsing.