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The grand City of Parlious Caravel (Greek-επισφαλούς καραβέλα Latin- Parlious quandam Caravellam Turkish- ürkütücü kadırga) was the capital of the Medieval Germanic-Byzantium Superstate. Founded in 1089 by German Emperor Barbarossa on top of the city of Constantinople. With a population larger than any other city in the world at that time, it was the center of trade, culture, and art for nearly half a century.

Important Dates-

1089- Barbarossa officially bestowed the title Byzantine Emperor after capturing Constantinople. He claims Greece and the Balkan States, Italy, and Eastern Europe. This ensures the creation of a German super state.

Barbarossa's troops assist the Crusader soldiers in entering Jerusalem. The Saracens surrender.

1089- Parlious Caravel Founded

1190- Barbarossa dies

1200- Saracen fleet raids Parlious Caravel.

Barbarossa II is victorious in the Teuton Wars.

1203- Muslim Scholar Muhammad Abdul Qali visited Parlious Caravel and described it as being-

"Apart from Mecca, the most beautiful city in the known world."

1207- Kievan Principalities swear allegiance to the German Superstate.

1211- Barbarossa II invades Saudi Arabia, and is victorious.

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