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Not wanting any trouble with everybody else, parliament decides to pull back from America and end all war effort. Confederates are defeated in Gettysburg like in our timeline but way quicker do to Russia, France, and Germany joining in. And in the end the North wins the Civil war just liken in our timeline and Abraham Lincoln goes to Fords theater but has Franz Joseph I of Austria and his wife to join him and his wife Mary Todd Lincoln. John Wilkes Booth tries to assassinate Abraham Lincoln but fails when German bodyguards capture him before he could fire his pistol. Abraham Lincoln leads the reconstruction of the south, vetos the Jim Crow laws, and gives civil rights to all blacks. Thus the civil right movements of the 1960's don't happen, Martin Luther King isn't assassinated and becomes the 37th president of the United States. As for the rest of the world, everything remains the same like in our timeline.

End of Timeline.

Created by Scotty Gaither

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