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Parliament decides to pull back the naval fleet but, continues giving orders to Canadian troops to attack the Union in the Dakota territories. Upon this, Russia attacks Manchester and small villages taking over and setting up puppet governments. Parliament realizes that they've screwed up and starts to order Canadian generals to pull back their troops but they don't and continue to attack.

June 3rd, 1864 the battle of Cold Harbor begins and at first the Confederates and Canadian forces are pushing back Gen. Grant's forces until Russian troops from out of nowhere, ambush the Confederate and Canadian armies. And the tide is changed once again, Grant and his army take advantage to ambush the Confederates while the Russians deal with the Canadians. In the end Grant and his Russian allies take Cold Harbor. This gets Jefferson Davis to panic. He fears that if this trend continues, Richmond may be next.

What does Jefferson Davis do?

Created by Scotty Gaither

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