The Parliament of France is the legislature of France. It is composed of two houses, the Corps Législatif and the Senate (Sénat).

Elections to the Corps Législatif

The Corps Législatif, the Lower House, is elected through direct universal suffrage to 6-year terms. There are 774 constituencies, including 35 in Algeria. Members are elected through a two-round system. All candidates having 12.5% in the first round are qualified for round two.

Elections to the Senate

The Senate's 426 members are chosen in two ways. 420 are elected indirectly through regional electoral colleges every 6 years. The other 6 members are chosen by the Emperor himself. 5 of these sit with the PDF, one of these sits with the Front Imperial Français.

Party Abbreviation Party Lower House Seats Senate Seats 426
PDF Parti Démocratique Français 342 220
PSDF Parti Social-Démocratique Français 225 89
MP Mouvement Populaire 107 58
CDF Centre Démocratique Français 42 37
PNDA Parti National Démocratique Algérien 9 5
CD&V Christen-Democratisch en Vlaams 17 4
VB Vlaams Belang 7 3
BA Bloc Algérien 15 2
CD&V Regionalists 6 2
IND/DIV Independent/Divers 0 5
FIF Front Imperial Français 3 1
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