Assembleia Geral
Xnd Legislature
Coat of arms or logo.
Type Bicameral
Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Eduardo Cunha, Democratic Guanabarean Party (PDG)
since 30 March 2015
Speaker of the Senate Renan Calheiros, Democratic Guanabarean Party (PDG)
since 30 March 2010
Established 24 March 1825
Members 1100 (1000 Deputies, 100 Senators)
Chamber of Deputies Political groups His Majesty Government (601)
  Democratic Guanabarean Party (PDG): 489 seats (and the speaker)

  Monarchist Guanabarean Party (PMG): 83 seats

  Social Democratic Party (PSD): 28 seats

Non-aligned parties (99)
  Independents: 47 seats

  People's Monarchist Party (PMP): 52 seats

His Majesty Most Loyal Opposition(300)
  Guanabarean Labour Party (PTG): 209 seats

  Socialist Union (US): 62 seats

  Guanabarean Republic Party (PRG): 22 seats

  Workers' Party (PT): 7 seats
Royal Senate Political groups His Majesty Government (77)
  Democratic Guanabarean Party (PDG): 33 seats (and the speaker)

  Monarchist Guanabarean Party (PMG): 32 seats

  Social Democratic Party (PSD): 11 seats

Non-aligned parties (7)
  Independents: 7 seats

His Majesty Most Loyal Opposition (16)
  Guanabarean Labour Party (PTG): 8 seats

  Socialist Union (US): 5 seats

  Guanabarean Republic Party (PRG): 3 seats
Chamber of Deputies Voting system Majority vote
Royal Senate Voting system Majority vote
Chamber of Deputies Last election 24 March 2015
Royal Senate Last election 24 March 2010
Meeting place
Rio (Palácio Tiradentes) (28Mar1964) REFON.jpg
Bonifácio Palace(Lower House)
Palácio Monroe (funeral de Joaquim Nabuco)Rio Branco Palace(Upper House)

The Assembleia Geral(General Assembly, in english), is the highest legislative body of the Kingdom of Guanabara. It is divided in two houses: The Royal Senate, the upper house, and the Chamber of Deputies, the lower house. Most laws require the approval of both houses to pass, while some special resolutions require only one of them: the cabinet respond only to the lower house, while the King can only be deemed unfit to rule, and an regent for him be appointed, by the upper house. Any citizen of Guanabara of age higher than 18 may vote for any position, while only those above 20 may be elected Deputy and those above 25 may be elected Senator.


  • Partido Democrático Guanabarino (Democratic Guanabarean Party - PDG): A big tent party, it has basic principles that each province directorate must follow, mostly the defence of the current constitution, drafted by several famous members of this party. Most of its members have declared being center-right;
  • Partido Monarquista Guanabarino (Monarchist Guanabarean Party - PMG): A center-right party, with its main objective being the maintance of the monarchy in the country. It has been part of several PDG governments since the end of the Dictatorship;
  • Partido Social Democrata (Social Democratic Party - PSD): A right party, it has defended mostly the privatization of current state companies and flexibilization of workers' rights;
  • Partido Monarquista do Povo (People's Monarchist Party - PMP): A center-left party, it defends a more socialist approach to the capitalist economy. Due to this position, it isn't in the opposition and occasionally supports government bills;
  • Partido Trabalhista Guanabarino (Guanabarean Labour Party - PTG): A big tent party, it rallies mostly the supporters of the former Dictatorship, despite the republican approach not being a consensus. Most of its members are center, and the party hasn't been part of the government since the fall of the republic;
  • União Socialista (Socialist Union - US): A left party, it opposed every center-right or right government that reaches government. Most of its members are against the monarchy;
  • Partido da República Guanabarino (Guanabarean Republic Party - PRG): A center party, it opposes every government that defends the monarchy;
  • Partido dos Trabalhadores (Workers' Party - PT): A left party, it opposes right, or center-right, governments and monarchist ones. It usually forms a coalition with the Socialist Union or the Communist Party;
  • Partido Comunista da Guanabara (Communist Party of Guanabara - PCG): A extreme left party, it opposes right, center-right and monarchist governments. It hasn't been elected to a single chair to the parliament since its foundation.