Paris is the largest city and the capital of the French Empire and is the world's largest city. It is located at the river Seine in Île-de-France, which is located at Northern France. Paris, by its administrative limits, has changed a lot during the regimes of the Bonapartes, which continues to the present day. It has more people than any other city, marking at 21,560,000 people at its administartive limits, though the whole metropolitan area marks at 42,230,000 people, the second most populous megalopolis after the Tokyo-Yokohama Megalopolis. For 1,000 years, Paris has been the largest city in Western Europe, but since the 16th century, it has achieved being the largest city in the world and still holds this rank to this day.

Paris is one of the few World Cities that had a major influence in modern world history since the 19th century. It has been known as one of the world's centers of trade, commerce, finance, diplomacy, political decision-making, culture, education, entertainment, media, fashion, science, and the arts. It serves as the headquarters of many international organizations, including the Superpowers Union, The International Economic and Social Assembly, and the ILDESCO. Paris, while known to be one of the most urbanized cities, is also one of the most greenest cities. It also is the most liveable, wealthiest, yet the most expensive city to live in.

Paris is the most visited city by tourists. It has been known for its parks, mueseums, universities, iconic monuments, and its world famous cultural centers. It has been also knwon for having many forms of architecture, mainly from Western Europe, India, the Middle East, and China.

Paris is known to be the headquarters of 250 out of the top 500 global businesses, including those from the empire itself. It has the biggest city economy in Europe and one of the top five (Only Dubai, New York, and Shanghai are ahead of Paris).

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