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Paris is the capital and largest city in France proper, located on the Seine River in the Grand Duchy of France and Catalan. The city proper is home to 11,450,000 people, making it the second largest city in the French Empire (behind Moscow), although its metropolitan region is a massive sprawl in the Ile-de-France home to upwards 27,800,000, making it the heart of the world's second-largest metropolitan area.

Paris is regarded as a global city and has been, since the 1820's, the nexus of much of the world's commerce, trade, diplomacy, and political decision-making. The city is also a cultural center due to the prevalence of multiple styles of architecture, its history as the center of the French state, its vibrant artistic community, the dominance of its entertainment industry in Europe and the Middle East, and its site as the capital of the world's largest economy and military power.

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