Timeline: Fascist Britain
Country UFSS
State France
Language French
  others Protestant
Ethnic groups
  others Others
Mayor Bertrand Delanoë
Population 14,000,000  

Paris is the capital of France and the UFSS. It is located in the north of the country, on the river Seine.


Paris has been home to some of the most historically significant events in history. It was home to the French Revolution, occupied by various forces in the 19th century, and later became the final battlefront for the First World War, in which it was captured.

Following a socialist revolution in France, it became home to numerous urban renewal projects, many of which were damaged in bombing raids during the Second World War. The Battle of Paris became the most dramatic battle of the war, leading to British troops being forced out and driven back north.

After victory in the war, Paris saw a boom and then decline in tourism as borders were shut down. They were gradually opened again the 1990's, and since then it has become one of, if not the, greatest cities in the world.


The Eiffel Tower, the most famous landmark in Paris.