Welcome to the Portal Page for the Parcus Vicis timeline, a scenario in which the Roman Empire lived to colonize the New World!

Point of Divergence

In AD 213, Roman Emperor Caracalla had pushed the empire's patience to the end. The Roman Senators openly critisized his poor behavior, before finally assassinating Caracalla in 214. The Senate prevented another Emperor from being introduced for twenty years, effectively acting as the ruling body for this time. The Senate's rule went quite well. However, it was increasingly critisized due to a lack of a main leader. In AD 234, a promising Gemellus Rufus Crispus was offered the position of Emperor. However, before he assumed the role, he was required to sign the Valde Carnotense, a document that was similar to OTL's Magna Carta.

This meant the senate could effectively keep the emperor from acting up and vice versa. This system of checks and balances, along with the end of the Severus dynasty, prevented the Crisis of the Third Century and preserved the Roman Empire for centuries to come!

Brief Timeline (AD 234-2011)

  • 234: Valde Carnotense signed by Caesar Gemellus Rufus Crispus. Crispus dynasty begins.
  • 251: Gemellus Rufus Crispus suffers a terrible heart attack and dies. His twin brother takes the reins of the Empire.
  • 275: Musca Crispus is elected to power. Women gain more rights in the Roman Empire
  • 284: Diocletian elected, though he does not split the empire
  • 300: By now, all of Britain has been conquered by the Roman Empire
  • 313: Edict of Milan. Christianity becomes legal in the Roman Empire
  • 405: Roman/Goth War Begins
  • 489: Romans finally overtake the Goths. Treaty of Danube signed. Eastern Germany secured by Roman Empire
  • 505: Clovis Incident
  • 771: Charlemagne is elected Emperor of the Roman Empire
  • 785: Rome officially declares Islam illegal
  • 802: Rome declares war on Islam, though fighting never really begins until 842, when Islamic raids capture Jerusalem. Jerusalem is quickly retaken.
  • 853: Rome pushes into Arabia. Islamic forces surrender.
  • 872: Rome establishes a colony in Ireland.
  • 889: Roman/Norse War.
  • 893: Dubh Linn is captured
  • 925: Rome invades southern Scandenavia
  • 935: Hispaniola Riots
  • 943: The Vikings surrender to Rome
  • 1015: Arabs tighten grip on Arabia and Africa.
  • 1024: Arabs invade Roman Empire again. Rome declares war. The Eternal War begins.
  • 1056: Rome takes Aksum
  • 1078: Rome surrounds Mecca.
  • 1079: The Black Rock is captured and is put on a boat back to Rome. The rock proves too heavy for the ship and is dropped off the ship.
  • 1083: The Roman Empire discovers Greenland.
  • 1115: A colony is set up in Greenland.
  • 1189: The Roman Civil War occurs.
  • 1223: The Mongol Empire invades the Eastern Roman Empire
  • 1229: The Roman Civil War Ends.
  • 1334: Russia's Grand Eastern Expansion begins
  • 1345: The Black Death strikes the Roman Empire
  • 1378: Rome and China begin trading
  • 1380: The Rennaisance is traditionally recorded to have started here.
  • 1402: Canada is discovered. It is named Gelidus by Roman settelers.
  • 1499: Americum Vespuccum travels to America.
  • 1534: The Romans begin wiping out the Aztecs.
  • 1556: Colonia Occasus is created in Virginia.
  • 1613: Colonia Occasus and Gelidus unite.
  • 1649: Colonia Occasus is renamed Colonia Americum
  • 1750: Height of the Roman Empire
  • 1776: Republica de Americum declares its independence
  • 1779: End of the American Revolution
  • 1781: George Washingtonium is named Presidentum of Americum
  • 1794: Several other American colonies declare independence
  • 1861: American Civil War begins
  • 1865: American Civil War Ends. Abraham Lincolum is shot.
  • 1902: USSR is formed
  • 1909: Roman/American relations increase
  • 1912: Radiation is discovered
  • 1942: The Forum is created. It is similar to OTL United Nations
  • 1945: The USSR and Romans go to war.
  • 1946: Americum joins in the war against the USSR.
  • 1948: The Great War ends.
  • 1950: The Roman Empire sends someone into space.
  • 1953: Republica de Americum sends a man onto the moon
  • 1999: Americum sends a man to Mars
  • 2011: Afghan Incident of 2011


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