Paramerica is a continent located West to Central and South America. In this alternate timeline A continent emerged on the Cocos and Nazca plate with land bridges with Central Mexico and Peru occuring in the last thousands of years. Though now isolated Paramerica was once inhabited by primitive Amerind hunter gatherers until the arrival of the Inca in the Southern part of the Island bringing with them Llama's and Potatoes, In the North of Paramerica the Aztecs had arrived bringing with them Maize and Tomatoes. Paramerica unlike the continental Americas had much more Iron meaning they could build better weapons. During the 1510's Paramerican Incaztec Union had annexed much of Central and South America in search for gold similar to how the Spanish had looked for it. This resulted in the Spanish being pushed out by the looming armies of the Paramerican Incaztec Union. After this many Aztec and Incan Citizens had immigrated to Paramerica even those of Independent Incan, Aztec and Mayan States on the Continental Americas. 


Paramerica is a diverse continent with wetlands, grasslands and A mountain range, in the south of the continent many walled cities exist dating back to the Inca period, while in the North of the continent many island cities and pyramids which date back to Aztec period of the continent. Today Paramerica is A built up continent with many modernistic cities with the Nahua and Quechua influences still visible. Many unique species of Monkey inhabit the Continent. The Incaztec Union has two official capitals New Tenochtitlan and New Cusco. However New Cuzco is the official residence of the monarchs while New Tenochtitlan is the religious capital where the chief priests reside.

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