Republic of Paraguay
Republica del Paraguay
— Nation of United Republics
Timeline: Night of the Living Alternate History

OTL equivalent: Paraguay
Flag of Paraguay Night of the Living Alternate History
Flag of Paraguay
(and largest city)
Other cities Formosa, Posadas
Spanish, Guarani, English
  others Portuguese, German
Religion Catholicism, Protestantism
Population 5,280,917 (1995 Census) 
Established 1811
Admission 1978
Currency Peso
Time zone UTC -4
Abbreviations PAR
 Paraguay joined the UR on October 19th, 1978. Paraguay became the fifth member of the UR. They joined after the UR rebuilt Asuncion and helped liberate the region from infection. Paraguay, after joining, redesigned its flag with Chilean, Incan and Argentine influence seen in the symbolism. Paraguay's capital of Asuncion is behind the Northern Defensive Wall, a deterrent built to keep both Communist and Zombies at bay. The wall is armed with Anti-tank, anti-ship, and anti-air missiles/guns as well as regular machine guns or pill boxes. Asuncion is heavily defended and was used as a main post of command for liberating Uruguay, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, the present day nation of Sul, the present day nation of Santa Cruz, and Bolivia. It was also used as a forward operation base for the Communist Conflicts in the late 70's to early 80s, involving Bolivia and Peru. Currently a military base is kept to the Northwest of Asuncion. Nearly all of Paraguay's population lies near the capital city, which is connected to other major UR cities by high speed rail lines (Asuncion, Cordoba, and Igazu Connections). Paraguay's Northwestern region is primary used for farming, solar panel farms, mining, and natural gas. Paraguay continues to develop a better education system, closely intertwining it with Argentina's. University of Asuncion is considered a top South American educational center. Also research is prominent in Paraguay, as many pioneers went in the Amazon and Brazilian territory in search of a cure for the Zombie infection.