Republic of Paraguay
República del Paraguay
Timeline: Axis vs Allies Resurrection (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Paraguay
Flag of Paraguay Coat of arms of Paraguay
Flag Coat of Arms
Paraguay (orthographic projection)

Paz y justicia (Spanish, Guaraní)
("Peace and Justice")

Anthem "Paraguayos, República o Muerte"
Capital Asunción
Largest city Asunción
Other cities Ciudad del Este, San Lorenzo
Spanish, Guaraní
  others English, Native Languages
Roman Catholic
  others Christian denominations, Native Religions
Ethnic Groups
  others Spanish
Demonym Paraguayan
Vice President
Area 157,048 sq mi
Population 1,473,000 (1950 est.)
Independence 14 May 1811 (Declared); 14 May 1811 (Recognized)
Currency Paraguayan Guaraní

Vassal of Argentina



There are 15,000 active soldiers in the military, and 10,000 reserve troops. The Army is the largest branch with minor Air Force and Navy branches in support. There is no Marine Corps or Special Forces.


The Army has the largest amount of soldiers with 12,000 active soldiers and 9,000 reserve troops.

Infantry Weapons

Model Quantity Origin Notes Image
Chiesanuova Bolt Action Rifle 21,000 Germany Standard Issue Rifle
Balkan Rifle
M1911 500 United States Standard Issue Sidearm
300px-M1911 A1 pistol

Crew Served Weapons

Model Quantity Origin Notes Image
M2 Browning 70 United States Heavy Machine Gun
Machine gun M2 1
M1919 Browning 50 United States Medium Machine Gun
Browning M1919a


Model Quantity Origin Notes Image
IA-100 20 Argentina Infantry Artillery Gun
Hungarian artillery colour


Model Quantity Origin Notes Image
T-26 33 Soviet Union/Argentina Light Infantry Tank
T-26 during the winter 1941-42


The Navy has 1,000 active sailors and 200 reserve personnel. Currently the Navy only operates a handful of gunboats


Class Quantity Names Origin Type Image
Humaitá class 2 Paraguay C1 (1931), Humaitá C2 (1931) Italy Patrol Boat
None 1 Cap. Cabral P01 (1908) Patrol Boat

Air Force

The Air Force has 1,000 active and 300 reserve personnel. There are only trainer and fighter aircraft operated.


Name Quantity Origins Role Image
FMA FeC.3 6 Argentina Fighter
P-40 Warhawk

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