The Papua War was a conflict between the Netherlands and the newly independent Indonesia. After the Indonesian War of Independence, the Indonesian Federation was created with the exeption of New Papua, the western half of the New Guinea island, which was still occupied by the Kingdom of the Netherlands as a royal colony. In 1949, Indonesia invaded Netherlands New Guinea.

Operation Salut Depaur

In 1949, Indonesian naval and armed forces invaded the Salut Depaur island chain. Dutch security guards sent a telegram to the King of the Netherlands, who sent 35,000 troops to the Refaska airport to reinforce. Indonesian forces landed on Salut Depaur, and occupied the territory. The Netherlands invaded Indonesian Timor, and occupied it within a month. Dutch forces launched a huge offensive of 56,00 men in Jakarta, Indonesia's capital.

Retreat, surrender

On January, 1950, Dutch forces occupied Jakarta. The Indonesian forces started to scramble on the islands. By February, Dutch military had occupied all of the Indonesian Federation, and Indonesia surrendered their sovereignty, and were re-annexed as the Dutch East Indies

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