Paper Reimu, known in Japan as Reimu's Story (霊夢ストーリー; Reimu Sutōrī), is a role-playing video game developed by a collaboration between Team Shanghai Alice and Nintendo for the Nintendo Wii game console. It was first released in Japan on August 11, 2011, in the rest of East Asia on September 5, 2011, and in Europe, Amazonia, and Vinland on September 7, 2011.

Paper Reimu is set mainly in Japan as the Shrine Maiden Reimu Hakurei tries to rescue her friends Renko Usami and Maribel Hearn from Kagerou Imaizumi. To do so, she must locate seven "Yin Yang Orbs" to negate the effects of the captured Meteor Rod, which grants invincibility to Kagerou. The player controls Reimu and a number of allies to solve puzzles in the game's overworld and defeat enemies in a turn-based battle system. The battles are unique in that the player can influence the effectiveness of attacks by performing required controller inputs known as "action commands".


Plot and setting

Story and characters

Reimu's allies:

  • Seiga Kaku
    • Yoshika Miyako
  • Nitori Kawashiro
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