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President Paul von Hindenburg resists the demands of the Germans, and asks Franz von Papen to form a new government with a coalition. Papen manages to get a center-left coalition of Social Democrats and Communists to work together, while the right was left out. However, the coalition was unstable, with the demands of the Communists making many of the Social Democrats uneasy, if not downright hostile.

The failure to battle the Great Depression forced the collapse of the government, with a new election scedualed for December. The election was a god-send to the Nazi's and Communists, who fought a bitter campaign that would ultimately decide the future course of Germany for years to come, as the effects of the Great Depression soon became apparent. However, the Social Democrats were virtually left out at the mudslinging and violence that the Nazi's and Communists unleashed on each other, as many considered them a spent force

On December 6, 1933, the people went to the polls. Who won?

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