Holy See
Vatican City
Papal States
Sancta Sedes
Timeline: Centralized Empire
OTL equivalent: Western Roman Empire
. AD 40 - Present
Gloria Patri et Filli et Spiritus Sancti
Inno e Marcia Pontificale
Pontifical March
CapitalVatican City
Official languages Latin
Regional Languages Italian
Ethnic groups  Italian
Demonym Vatican
Religion Roman Catholic
Government Theocratic Elective Absolute Monarchy
 -  Pope Francis
 -  Secratary of State Pietro Parolin
 -  President of Pontifical Commission Giuseppe Bertello
Legislature Pontifical Commission
Roman Curia
 -  Peter becomes Bishop of Rome 40 AD 
 -  Pepin's Donation 756 AD 
 -  Became protectorate of Western Roman Empire 15 August 1816 AD 
 -  Total 0.44 km2 
0 sq mi 
 -   2013 estimate 839 

Papal States is one of the protectorate of Western Roman Empire. Its other name is Vatican City.  It is the spiritual capital to 1.2 billion Catholic adherents.  During the Middle Ages, it was one of the two highest positions in the feudalism, along with the Western Roman Emperor.  However, after Protestant Revolt, Papacy's influence weakened then became one of the protectorates of Western Roman Empire until now.

As a country with long history, the city itself is the UNESCO world heritage sights.


Holy See's early history starts when its first ruler (Pope) Peter visited Rome to establish Christian Diocese in Rome, the Capital of Roman Empire. He died there after naming his true successor Linus, the Second Bishop of Rome (Pope).

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