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State of the Church
Papal State
Timeline: No Napoleon

OTL equivalent: Papal States, Malta
Flag of the Papal States (1825-1870) Coat of arms Holy See
Flag Coat of arms
Anthem "Marcia trionfale"
Capital Rome
Largest city Rome
Language Latin, Italian
Religion Roman Catholicism
Demonym Roman
Government Absolute monarchy; ecclesiastical and elective theocracy
Currency Papal lira (₤)

The State of the Church (Latin: status Ecclesiae), officially known as the Papal State, is a nation in central Europe in the Italian peninsula. The state is a collection of territories under the direct rule of the pope, the leader of the worldwide Roman Catholic Church. The state was first established in the 8th century, and remained to the present day, except for a temporary transformation into the Roman Republic by Napoleon in 1797 during the French Revolutionary War. The Roman Republic remained a French client state until 1799, when the Papal State was restored.

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