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This timeline explores the global history after The First Infection- January 12th, 1983. A strain of the flu virus mutates to become heavily contagious, resistant, and lethal. To add to this, AIDS goes unchecked and spreads around the world/

A worldwide pandemic caused by a series of viruses obliterates much of human civilization. This ATL covers everything from the first infection up to the present worldwide situation.

This is a "live" timeline - its story continues to unfold NOW, in real time. See the Live Content section for the latest news and updates.

This is also a collaborative timeline, produced by a team of contributors. If you want to join us in developing this world, we welcome your additions.


The Point of Divergence of the Pandemic timeline is January 12th, 1983. The flu has become particularly nasty this year, due to a mutation. Record deaths are reported. The flu becomes very contagious. By 1986, the flu is as easily caught as the flu. In Africa, the AIDS situations gets out of hands and spreads rapidly. Governments collapse. Quarantine zones become states as millions perish. Looting, rape, murder, and gang violence goes up.

The initial result of this worldwide epidemic is two billion dead within the first five years and another two billion killed by violence, starvation and suicide.

After an incredibly horrifying first few years of the pandemic, a few regions, territories, and countries stabilize and master basic problems such as food and medical supplies. As time passes and the recovery continues, new (sometimes surprising) alliances are formed. A new, fragile world order emerges from the ruins. Initial hopes of some survivors for a united mankind (or at least warfare and destruction being ended forever) quickly prove false. Indeed, the world is light-years away from any Utopian imaginations. Famine, disease, and lack of resources provoke conflicts and wars in large parts of the world, thus devastating all the carefully achieved recovery.

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Republic of Camden

Socialist State of Cuba

World Assembly Assessment and Calculation Unit (WAACU) News

March 15, 2011

The USSR announced today it will veto any further action taken by the World Assembly against Loyalist Factions in Libya as US, Isle Union, and FFR Forces continue to enforce the No Fly Zone.

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