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Republic of Panama
Timeline: Yellowstone: 1936
Flag of Panama Coat of Arms of Panama
Flag Coat of Arms
Panama (YS-1936)
Location of Panama

"Pro Mundi Beneficio" (Spanish)

Anthem "Himno Istmeño"
Capital Panama City
Largest city Panama City
Other cities San Miguelito
Language Spanish
Population 21,223,412 
Currency Sauro, Balboa (former)
Time Zone EST
Calling Code +507
Internet TLD .pa
Organizations SAU


Post Eruption

Post Eruption the Panamanian became extremely hostile and militaristic. With notes of the advancing Ice, as well as Panamas acquisition of highly advanced former American equipment Panama worked on improving its infrastructure and keeping the Canal operational for any possible traffic. With this Panama did see a large increase in its ability to acquire High tech military equipment in exchange for passage through the canal, or for other reasons. Panamas push throughout Central America came as a great surprise but with the areas relatively destabilized governments Panama was impressively holding up under the pressure.

With this Panama was poised for conquest or annexation up and down Central America, and with Brazil unable to reach farther up than Panama for years Brazil was unable to stop Panama from ushering in plans to take Central America for itself, However, some of the main issues, being food, was extremely prevalent in preventing the hostile conquest of Central America. With Food and sharing being brought about in large grouped programs Post Eruption, much of Central America became heavily involved with each other with Panama standing on top of the group with a large peaceful coexistence up through Central America, in start contrast to South America's interventionism, revolutions, and refugee issues. By 1945 Panama and much of Central America (excluding Guatemala, Belize and Mexico) were part of this food sharing, and by then production program.

Coexistence and Unifying

Since Guatemala and Belize did not want to unify with the other countries of Central America they stared a war to gain their independence. In 1948 the two counries finally won their independece. It took three years of fighting, but the enemy won. With all of the counties weakened from war the president of Panama Carlos Lopez went on a campaign to unify all of the countries to make one stronger country. It work and and the countries all unifyed to become New Panama. In 1948 a new country was born. 

The New Republic

The first thing the president had in mine was closing the border to South America. President Lopez started a rebuilding project in 1948 to help bring the country back to it's feet. When they were able to make some money in 1949 they started increasing the militay and nation defence. In 1950 the country on New Panama quickly changed its name to the Republic of Panama.  


The government of Panama changes depending on who is the president of the country at the time. There is no set parties in Panama. Anyone can be apart of any party they like. The president has the last say in everything. The president has a cabinet which he talks to about national problems. There is a congress that makes the bills and laws. The house of representatives presents problems that are occurring in the nation to the congress to vote on. 

Government Agency

SSA - This is an agency were people do secret jobs that the president has to keep out of the publics notice. (Secret Service Agency)

HHA - This agency helps out people who are unemployed and need money for their family. (Helping Hand Association)

RUC - This agency rebuilds homes, buildings and historic stuff after they have been destroyed. (Rebuilding Urban Cities)



The military in Panama is increasing each year. Panama has a strong military, but refuses to fight anyone, because they are looking to build up the country first. Most of the military is on the border of Panama protecting the country from South American counties trying to attack Panama. It is mandatory to join the army for five years.

There is about 900,000 thousand active people and another 100,000 thousand people in reserve. Panama mostly focuses on the border control due to Brazil being a superpower and all. 

On of the most famous base in Panama is Base 106. At this base a lot of secret technology, weapons, and vehicles are made as prototypes here before they are made in military factories.



People celebrate Christmas and Easter every year.


People play basketball, soccer, and hockey.


Following the abandonment, Jazz continued to be very popular in the late 30's through the 50's. In the 60's Rock and R&B became popular. In the 80's Metal became popular. In the 90's Punk and Punk Rap became popular. People today listen to any kind of music they want to.


The economy in Panama is growing each year. Panama mainly consists of fishing, farming, gold, diamonds, and wood. Free trade is a big part of the country's economy. Panama's imports and exports are pretty good.



Panamanian - 50%

Venezuelan - 15%

Greek - 10%

American - 10%

Canadian - 5%

French - 5%

Native Indians - 4%

Other - 1%


Other Christian Denomination - 50%

Eastern Orthodox - 30%

Jewish - 10%

Spiritual - 5%

Atheist - 3%

Other - 2%

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