The Pan American Coalition is an all American Spanning alliance between The United States of America, Mexico, and The Empire of Brazil. 


Pan-American Coalition
Timeline: Rise of the South (Map Game)
Flag Coat of Arms

("Peace and Virtue")

(and largest city)
Rio De Janeiro, Washington D.C. , Mexico City
Language English, Spanish, Portuguese
Religion None
Government Alliance Organization
  legislature PAC Council

Part 1

Treatment of other Nations Article I - No neutral nations outside of the organization should be attacked for an unjustly reason.

Article II - Mobilization of military armed forces of the organization may not move through neutral states unless that state gives its consent for military access. (Falls under both Part I and II).

Part II

Declarations of War and Assistance. Article I - All nations within the PAC must help other nations within the organization if they are attacked or otherwise in trouble (economic issues)

Article II- When in war all treaties pertaining to fair warfare and treatment of prisoners must be followed.

Article III - All nations within the organization are obliged to help allies attack and/or invade enemies of member nations currently at war.

Part III

Trade and Coalition obligation. Article I - All nations are encouraged to trade with members of the PAC to maintain the alliance as much more than a military one.

Article II - The Alliance, and its economic, Political, and Military interests come before any other standing alliances that do not sync up with the goals or views of the Coalition.

Part IV

Associated Members. Article I - Nations wishing to join from outside the Americas will be considered Associated Members of the organization and are not entitled to the same rights as Continental members.

Article II - Vassals, Dominions, among other nations owned or essentially run by an American nations (Such as the Dominion of Portugal under Brazil) will be considered full members due to their status underneath American members.

Article III - Associated members are encouraged to trade with members, and are privileged to the full trade network of the Coalitions Core and Associated members.

Core nations

United States of America:This is UglyTurtle, Signing off. 01:23, September 29, 2013 (UTC)

Empire of Brazil: #LivinLikeFeudal (talk)

Republic of Mexico: LightningLynx89


Associated Nations

Ottoman Empire: Reximus Maximus 

France: Eiplec - ಠ_ಠ (talk) 04:09, October 2, 2013 (UTC)

Belgium: Rcchang (talk) 10:03, October 6, 2013 (UTC)