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Pan-Italic Fascist Party (1861: Historical Failing)

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Pan-Italic Fascist Party
Partito Fascista Panitalico
Founder Bandiera di Bologna Benito Mussolini
Duce and Chairman Benito Mussolini
Secretary Flag of Umbria (1936-1945) (1861 HF) Giuseppe Bastianini
Military Supervisor Flag of the Repubblica Romana 1798 Rodolfo Graziani
Founded 1922
Dissolved 1945
Preceded by Fasci of Combat
Italian Nationalist Association
Succeeded by several neo-Fascist movements
Headquarters Bologna (1922-1927)
Rome (1927-1943)
Milan (1943-1945)
Student wing Gruppi Universitari Fascisti
Youth wing Opera Nazionale Balilla
Gioventù Italiana del Littorio
Ideology Fascism
Official colors Black

The Pan-Italic Fascist Party was an international party, mainly active in the Italian states during WWII.

It held power in the following states:

  1. Bandiera di Bologna Bologna (with Benito Mussolini; 1922-1943)
  2. War flag of the Italian Social Republic Litoral Rep. (with Mussolini; 1943-1945)
  3. Mantua Flag Mantua (with Gino Maffei (1923-1938) and Cesare Genovesi (1938-1945))
  4. Flag of the Repubblica Romana 1798 Rome (with Rodolfo Graziani; 1927-1943)
  5. Flag of San Marino San Marino (with Giuliano Gozi, 1923-1942)
  6. Flag of Umbria (1936-1945) (1861 HF) Umbria (with Giuseppe Bastianini; 1932-1945)
  7. Venetie vlag Venice (with Giovanni Giuriati; 1923-1945)

After the war, the party was disbanded and banned.

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