Pan-Danubian Party
Leader Vlado Nikolić
Founded February 19 1848
Dissolved March 12 1860
Succeeded by Federal Democratic Party
Headquarters Vienna
Ideology Pan-Danubianism
Political position Centre-left
Official colours Yellow

The Pan-Danubian Party (PDP) was a political party active in the early 19th century in the Danubian Federation. Two Presidents of the Danubian Federation were members of the Pan-Danubian Party. Considered integral to the Second Party System and operating from the late 1840s to the early 1860s, the party was formed in opposition to the policies of the All Danubian Conservative Party. In particular, the PDP supported the supremacy of the Federal government to the states, and favored a program of modernization, free-trade, and equal rights for Slavs. Briefly a regional party, entitled the Slavic and Romanian Liberal Party, the party changed altered its name once it had made a sizable impact on the Federal stage. In its two decades of existence, the Pan-Danubian Party had two of its candidates, Vlado Nikolić  and Ion Horsa Codrinaru, elected President.  The party was ultimately weakened by the rise of radicalism in the Federation, which took the mantle of power following the Danubian Civil War. The liberal movement was fractured between the Pan-Danubian Party, the Federal Party of the Danube and the Danubian Liberal Alliance - allowing the radicals to win several elections with limited opposition from the postbellum Conservatives. In 1860, the three parties elected to merge into the Federal Democratic Partyunited under Rodrigo Vertucci