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The government of the National People's Republic of China had suggested that several of the Chinese nations it is in contact with to hold a summit in one of China's major cities. Festivities would have been held in the host city to accommodate each nation present. However, due to the limited contact between member states and local regionalism, it ultimately failed.

The focus of the summit was China, and its present and future integrity.

The representative of the NPRC, Luo Qingquan, has a list of proposals for consideration for closer integration of the Chinese nations:

  • Pan-Chinese Aid: Efforts to bring each Summit member "up to snuff" with the others. Aid includes monetary, constuction, and military. Hospitals, schools, fire stations, police stations, electric networks, and transportation networks are available for construction.
  • The Pan-Chinese Alliance: A military and economic alliance between Summit members, which intends to establish a common currency and standing army. Each nation can control private militias, however. Pan-Chinese Aid applies. The Alliance seeks to eventually form a federation of Chinese nations over time.
  • The Chinese Federation: A loose confederation of Summit members. The Federation will have a common military and economy. Pan-Chinese Aid applies. The Federation hopes to eventually unite each of the independent states into one nation.
  • The United Chinese States: A federation of the Summit members, comparable to the old US or Soviet systems. Each nation will still retain its ministers and laws. Pan-Chinese Aid Applies.

In order for any of the proposals to come into effect, each member state must abide by Sun Yat-sen's Three Principles of the People, which are the only laws that will affect the sovereignty of the nations present. If a nation refuses to provide democracy and welfare to the people, the member state's membership shall be deemed void.

The need for Chinese integrity against Soviet and Communist aggression was a recurrent theme of the Summit.

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