Names exhibition in official languages of the Pan-American Union
English Pan-American Exposition
Spanish Exposición Panamericana
Portuguese Exposição Panamericana
French Exposition Pan-américaine

The Pan-American Expositions (ExpoPanAm or PanAmExpo) refers to series of regional (and sometimes international) world fairs organized in the Americas and sponsored by the Pan-American Union. They usually last from three weeks to six months.

The Pan-American Exposition Corporation (PA-Expo Corp.), established in 1925, is in charge of selecting the host city, supervising and overseeing the ExpoPanAm. All member states of the Pan-American Union have de jure a member in its General Assembly. However votes are arranged according to the annual budgetary contributions of each member country. The General Assembly elects its President, Executive Committee, an Administration and Budget Committee, and Information and Communication Office.

The PA-Expo Corp. was founded as consequence of an informal meeting of Pan-American Union in Mexico that seek ways to improve friendship and knowledge of fellow members. The model was taken of the previous Expositions in the Western Hemisphere. Some of the ExpoPanAm have not being recognized by the International Exhibitions Bureau (Bureau International des Expositions, BIE).

Pan-American Exposition Corporation
(Pan-Am Expo Corp).

Logo of the Pan-American Exposition of 1901 (by Raphael Beck). Its design and variations are commonly used has the semi-official logo of all the Exhibitions and related activities.

Official languages English, Spanish, Portuguese and French
Headquarters New York (USA)
Date establishment 1925
First - last exhibition 1926 to date

The influence of the Pan-American Expositions was not small, development in several aspects of society, such as art, design, international trade and relations, tourism and fashions were some cases triggered by the Exhibitions. For example modern art and design was mutually influence by the Expositions and local development. Mexican muralism and indigenist motives and fashion in 1926, Latin American modern art in the 1927, 1929 and 1931, negrismo 1937 and 1941. In tourism it encourage a relatively cheap continental network of holiday packages and accommodations.

In someway the Pan-American Expositions became an informal congress of the Pan-American Union for all sectors. Many scientific congress scheduled their conventions in the same host cities of the Exhibitions.

Important scientific discoveries and technological improvements were in some cases firsts exhibited in the Expositions. For example electric typewriters, electrical home appliances, modern diesel trains like the Zephyr, experimental buildings made from prefabricated materials, television and diesel-electric trains and trucks.

Pan-American Expositions

Pre PanAm Expos

Year City Theme Exhibition area (hectare) Notes
1915 San Francisco (USA) Panama–Pacific International 254 Inauguration of the Panama Canal
1915-1917 San Diego (USA) Panama–California Exposition Celebrating the Opening of the Panama Canal. Not recognized by BIE.
1922-1923 Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) Independence Centenary International Exposition Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Brazil's independence. Not recognized by BIE.

Exhibitions organized by the Pan-Am Expo Corp

Year City Theme Exhibition area (hectare) Notes
1927 Mexico D.F. (Mexico) Un continente de Paz / A continent of Peace 105 Recognized by BIE
1929 Buenos Aires (Argentina) 120 Guest Country: United Kingdom and ICF
1931 Santiago de Chile 100 Guest Country: Japan
1933 Chicago (USA) Century of Progress / Un siglo de progreso 170 Recognized by BIE Guest Country: Canada
1935 San Francisco (USA) 200 Recognized by BIE Guest Country: China
1937 Havana (Cuba) Cuba, el portal al Nuevo Mundo / Cuba, the Gateway to the New World 120 Guest Country: Spain and Portugal
1939 New York (USA) Building The World of Tomorrow / Construyendo el Mundo del mañana 500 Also know as New York World's Fair. Recognized by BIE. Guest Country: Federation of Socialist Republics
1941 Port-au-Prince (Haiti) 30 Guest Country: France and French Union

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