دولة فلسطين
Dawlat Filasṭin

State of Palestine
Timeline: Fatherlands
Flag of Palestine Palestine COA (alternative)
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem: Biladi
Capital: Jerusalem
Largest city: Jerusalem
  Other languages: Jewish
Ethnic group: Palestine
Type of government: Parliamentary republics
  government: Representative democracy
President: Mahmoud Abbas
Prime minister:
Area: 6,020 km²
Population: 4,260,636 
Established: 1951
HDI: 0.731
Currency: Jordanian dinar, Egyptian Pound
Internet TLD: .ps
Calling code: 970
Organizations: United Nations, Arabia States Union

Palestine is a country located in Middle-East, and disputes land with Israel. Palestine became independent in 1951 under the support with Germany.


In 1951, the end of Italian Civil War, Italy Premier Alcide De Gasperi and Italy agreed to given independent to Palestine. The Palestinian choose to establish the states at July 9. Before that, many Jewish miltia back to Palestine and tried to stop the establish of Palestine. So Germany sent 2500 soldier to Palestine and killed almost all of Jews still living in Palestine. The Palestine States establish in July 9 ,1951.

Founding the Arabia States Union

In 1972, British, Italian starting leaves from their Arabia colonies. Many Arabia colonies gain independent from them. Palestine to be the first country in Middle East, Palestine helped them unite.

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