Palatine Venalis
Timeline: Great Empires

Palatine Venalis
Portrait of Palatine Venalis

President of the United Planets
1091 ABC – 1101 ABC
1106 ABC - 1111 BBC

Predecessor Merina Hanan (pre-1090 ABC)
Sky Nadast (pre-1106 ABC)
Successor Sky Nadast (post-1101 ABC)

Sylvia Valorum (post-1111 ABC)

Bringer of Peace of Chrysalia
1073 ABC – 1090 ABC

Predecessor Krysala Aris
Successor Fran Yazhnev
Born 1043 ABC (aged 70)
Chrysaladonia, Chrysalia
Homeworld Chrysalia
Father Countus Venalis
Mother Ladia Venalis
Religion The Force
 Palatine Venalis was the former president of the United Planets and Bringer of Peace of Chrysalia. He was an intelligent and cunning politician, but used his powers for the wrong goal. He wanted to keep Chrysalia neutral and assure its position as a perfect utopia, but saw Krysala Aris as an obstacle, as she planned to join the United Planets. He had her made "disappear" and won the election, becoming the leader of Chrysalia. He joined the United Planets, with the intent of becoming their president and end the war with the Zakhanra by blowing up their home planet, Zakhara. He almost succeeded in his plan, but was defeated in a duel by Sky Nadast and was put on trial, receiving the maximum sentence, life incecarnation. He is currently imprisoned in the Sendac Central Prison with no chance to ever receive parole.