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Palast Der Arbeiter (GDR Identity Successful)

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Palace of the Worker

Palast der Arbeiter

Bundesarchiv Bild 183-R0821-400, Berlin, Palast der Republik
The Current Building is considered to be a reconstruction of the Palast der Republik in Berlin
General information
Type Cultural building, Parliamentary building
Location Leipzig, Prussia
Construction started 2010
Completed 2014
Inaugurated 14 March 2014
Design and construction
Architect Heinz Graffunder and Karl-Ernst Swora (Original Building in Berlin)

The Palast der Arbeiter is the name of the Parliamentary building for the German Democratic Republic, located in Leipzig. The Building is considered to be a reconstruction of the original Palast de Republik. 

The Facility is the meeting place of the Volksversammlung, the East German Parliament. It was constructed as a cultural arts center to showcase the beauty of the East German worker. 

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