Palaka I
Raja of the Ganga Dynasty

Palaka I.jpg
Raja of the Ganga Dynasty
Reign 679-695
Coronation 682
Predecessor Khanchana I
Successor Khadaga II
Regent His brothers Jagadevra and Chandrajara (690-695)
Yuvraj of Sri Lanka
Reign 653-679
Predecessor Title created
Successor Khadaga II
Regent  ??? (660-669)
Full name
Palaka Ganga
Dynasty Ganga Dynasty
Father Khanchana I
Born 653
Died 695
Somewhere in the sea
Religion Hinduism
Occupation Sailing

Palaka I was Raja of the Ganga Dynasty from 679 to 695. He is the second son of the famous Khanchana I, also known as Khanchana the Glorious. He suceeded to his father in the middle of the First Great War of India.

Famous for ending the First Great War of India, he brought a period of peace and prosperity to the Ganga Dynasty following the war. His visit to the Chenla Kingdom was full of hopefull promises, but the hope for a new ally was destroyed after Palaka I died in mysterious circumstances.


  • Palaka is the second son of Khanchana I, born in 653 from his second marriage. Being the oldest son alive at his birth, he became the Yuvraj (heir) to the throne.
  • Around 660, Sri Lanka came under the control of the Ganga Dynasty. His father turned it into the personal domain of the Yuvraj, Palaka becoming the first Yuvraj to rule over Sri Lanka.
  • Palaka always loved the sea, a passion he had in common with his uncle Somesvara, with who he had a great relationship.
  • He had his first child in 670 (a son named Khadaga in honor of his grandfather Khadaga I), shortly before he joined the front as a general of his father during the First Great War of India.
  • In 675, his father returned to the capital because of illness, leaving Palaka to lead the Ganga forces in the war.
  • In 680, he recievec new of the death of his father, who died in 679, meaning he had became the new Raja. Because of the war, he woudl however have to wait in order to be crown.
  • In 682, he signed the Treaty of Pataliputra, which ended the First Great War of India, and ended up with Ganga gaining new territories. He was crowned soon after.
  • From 682 to 690, he ordered the fortification of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, that he recently gained from the Treaty of Pataliputra, and the creation of a fleet there. Thus, he passed many time travelling between Bhubaneswar and the islands, leaving much of the administration to his brothers Jagadeva and Chandrejara.
  • In 690, after hearing stories of the Chenla Kingdom, decided to go there with his uncle Somesvara. He arrived there in 691 with escorts and gifts. Saddly, his uncle felt ill after their arrival and died shortly after.
  • From 691 to 695, he stayed in the Chenla Kingdom. During these times, his brothers Jagadevra and Chandrajara ruled as regents. In those 405 years, he created a friendly relatinship with the Queen of Chenla. They were able to agree on a commercial pact and the betrothal of his daughter Chamekamba and Prince Thepaman, a member of the Chenla's royal family. He also had an adventure with a local noblewoman, which lead to the birth of his bastard son Indravarman.
  • In 695, he got news of how baddly his brothers were running the kingdom, and decided to return home. However, he died on the way in suspicious circumstances. His death would lead to the rise of his brothers and of the anti-buddhist movement of his brother Chandrajara.

Theories about his death

  • One of the main theory is that he died when his ship got stuck in a storm, sinking it.
  • The second most accepted theory is that his ship was attacked by pirates, whichresulted in his death along his entire crew.
  • His brothers claimed that he was killed by Chenlan troops, accusing them of murdering their brothers. However, they never pushed their accusation furder than speaking.
  • Some nobles believed that it was in fact his brothers that were responsible of his death, as Palaka was on his way to punish them, and his death would leave them in a position of power.


  • Raja Khadaga II(M): 670-717, murdered by his uncle Jagadevra.
  • Mahakala (M): 683-743
  • Chamekamba (F): 684-748
  • Indravarman (M), bastard son born in Chenla Kingdom: 694-737

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